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Are you Gelin? He is.

Wil Gelin is my writing twin soul. In a way, we are the same person. So he brought his friend Alessandra, who he met earlier today but they are best friends. She is visiting from Italy and we are talking about everything, the world, crime, and mystery. I never knew other countries did not have the right to "bare arms" so we attempt to get worldly talk about bigger issues. Like criminal justice and prison, and shit gets jail-isn. I never knew. Wil, with ONE L, is hilarious and I love having him on. Listen now!


Wil Gelin is a writer, actor and director based in Los Angeles. Wil is on several improv teams and performs at iO West, Comedy Central Stage, and UCB Theater. He is a member of Blade Brown Comedy Sketch Group with Myrone Sumner and Vlad Perez.



About Wil
Episode 82


Color TV

Yelp Reviews Finally Get Epic Re-enactments They Deserve.

Written And Directed By Bill Posley and Honora Talbott. Yelper- Joy Regullano
Produced by Wil Gelin and Krystal Arangua
Created by Nick Kekeris

Executive Produced by Ayinde Stanley
Costumes Prop and Wardrobe- Krystal Arangua
DP - Edgar Nunley
Edited by Rylan Rafferty
Sound Mix - Marc Solomon

Jake: Wil Gelin, @WilGelin 
Shot & Edited by: Danielle Lee, @FNDanielle
Fowlnuts = Danielle
Pretty Good Comedy = Wil Gelin & Nick Kekeris @nickyciggs

High Vibes Comedy

Wil knows that the best way to make a quick buck is to provide a service someone needs--and eliminate the competition. Follow Wil as he makes "easy money" off us poor suckers! Starring Wil Gelin & Amber Voiles. Written by Kelli McNeil. Shot by Revolutionary Productions.

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