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Auto-Correct Nation

One of my favorite people is finally on the podcast, after me asking him so many times. Once I started taking tips from one of those extravagant 'Will you be my Prom Date?' Videos, I finally got him on and it only took a trail of rose petals leading to a pizza. Well we are just talking big picture, things like autocorrect, utter paranoia towards life, being afraid of food, and creepy people who pretend to be teenage girls on the internet.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Vladimir Perez is an actor/writer residing in Los Angeles.

Currently he is performing with his UCB Mess Hall Improv team Fresh Kicks and writing for the CBS Diversity Sketch Showcase. Other UCB credits include hosting the LA WEEKLY Top pick show the Hip Hop Source Awardz, the CBS Diversity Showcase Rejected Sketches, Cage Match NY, Indie Cage Match NY, The Third Annual Halloween Scream, Spank, and Not Too Shabby.

After co-founding Sea Tea Improv in Hartford, CT and studying at UCB NY, he moved out west. He is a member of the experimental vaudeville group Perez, Haynes & Sons and an iO West Mainstage sketch team.

His Film/TV credits include the Lonely Island produced The Tyler Zone opposite Danny Pudi, MTV, ESPN and a few other sports commercials.

Vlad has performed in the Del Close Marathon (DCM), the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, the Baltimore Improv Festival, the Providence Improv Festival, the Portland (Maine) Improv Festival, the LA Indie Improv Festival, the LA Scripted Festival, and won the CT Improv Cage Match 2012 & 2013.

In 20 years, Vlad still hasn’t decided who his favorite Wu-Tang Clan member is.



About Vlad
Episode 84



How to deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

Written by Jennifer Carmody

Starring: Vlad Perez, Choni Francis, Carla Valderrama

Directed by: Helder Mira (@RabbitEarsVideo)
Written by: Joe Leonardo (@ImJoeLeonardo)
Edited by: Helder Mira and Joe Leonardo
Music by: Joe Leonardo

Vladimir John Perez (@VLADtheIMPROVer)
Jeffrey Schaefer (@Alcottjones)
Joe Leonardo (@ImJoeLeonardo)

Blade Brown

Written By:
Myrone Sumner 

Vladimir Perez  

Edited By: 
Myrone Sumner 

Directed By:
Justin Howe

Shot By:
Edgar Nunley

Voice Over by:
Megan McIver

Anna Cecelia 
Bill Kessler
Christine Martini
Eric Owusu
Fizaa Dosani
Hunter Altman
Jennifer Carmody 

John Meehan
John Paliferro
Joaquin Ticonderoga 
Justin Howe
Linda Landeros
Myrone Sumner
Vanessa Smith
Varut Chee
Vladimir Perez
Wil Gelin

Produced By:
Myrone Sumner
Vlad Perez
Wil Gelin
Choni Francis

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