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Episode 100 - Funny Girls

So many girls, so little time. For my 100th episode I decided that the best way to celebrate was torecord a live episode... but that didn't work out! So my next best thing was to compile all my favorite moments with funny females. Enjoy this look back and some of my best lady-parts. PARTS OF PODCASTS, you perv!

Lolika - Weird Fruit

Michelle Ortiz - Random Bathroom door + LA Subway

Delanie Fischer - Juicing and Dancing

Sara Weinshenk - You don’t look old, its just bad lighting

Ashley Currie - Stop Dirtying the Sand, Poor People

Melissa Stetten - Contouring vs Real Life

Kelsey Cook - Youtube comments

Camilla Cleese - Pretty Funny

Amy Schumer - Sexual Positions

Scout Durwood - Staying Focused on your Craft

Direct Download Episode 100

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