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Episode 97 - Guide to a Great Body

She has been killing it in the pilates world and has become an expert in spinal alignment. Jen Latino aka ConnectwithJen aka Baby Jen - my best friend! She has a background in physical therapy and has the best posture of anyone I've ever met. We are talking about inner muscles and how crucial core strength is to overall health and lifestyle. We are focusing on one the most important parts of our body, the iliopsoas, which most of us have never heard of. It's the muscle that connects our upper and lower body and secures our spine. Often a weak iliopsoas can be confused with sciatic issues, lower back pain, digestive issues and menstruation cramps. Jen believes that if you strengthen your body from the inside-out then you're protecting your body and mobility in every aspect of your life. She blew my mind with this info, definitely advice to live by if you can remember to do it in your day to day life or in your fitness routine.

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