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Episode 55 - Science isn't a Conspiracy

In a previous episode, I joked that Borderline Personality Disorder is a made up illness.

Ryan is here to shut me up once and for all, as a sufferer of BPD, he explains how frustrating it is to have people like me who know nothing on the topic say it’s not real. We are talking about anxiety, being mean to people, confidence, doing comedy and social media. Our discussion leads to spirituality and we briefly talk about God, New Age, Indigo Children, and magic. None of which Ryan believes in, while I on the other hand do believe there are elements of all of those topics that are based in some truth. Which leads us to talk about science, which I do not believe is pure fact because it is constantly disproven and replaced with new information. As well as, being influenced by whoever is paying for the experiment. So I believe that these ideas and discussions we have about magic etc are just the beginning of finding evidence. Overall, its a really interesting episode and theres a lot to think about. Make sure you don’t miss this one.

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