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Episode 16 - Gender Blending not Bending

I have a special guest, Nigel Battle and his Drag Queen alter ego, Jasmine Anastasia are here to give some insight on Gender from the perspective of someone who plays both sides of the Gender Card. Unlike all of us boring people stuck only play one side. You can afford to be open minded and listen to this… its fun, you should play along and stop being so uptight. We talk about the changes of drag and trans culture over time, as well as the difference between them. Nigel talks about growing up a gay boy and not wanting to give up being a boy but enjoying being a girl occasionally in drag. He talks about taking a boyfriend to the prom and coming out of the closet at a young age. I talk about how the inspiration comes from idolizing women yet women feel threatened by these super sexy trannys that look better than us! Then I talk about cross-dressers and explain what makes them a completely different situation then everything we are talking about today. INSTAGRAM: @PRINCESSPUDDING

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