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Episode 15 - AOL: The Dating & Bullying Years

She feeds me some crazy unknown fruit and tells me to make a wish. But after a second bite, it’s a trick, some bitter Russian joke… but I hope the wish comes true! We talk about worst dates, mostly that means meeting people from AOL Chatrooms pretending to be older than we were, before to catch a predator could warn us. Being a teenager in the early 2000s, we met people online and got ourselves into some bad situations. We compare chatrooms today, which is basically ads and people speaking in spanish. We reminisce on some cyber bullying in high school, I was called poser all the time… cause, I guess I was. Regardless, I’m vicious so I became unbulliable and stalked anyone who tried. We talk about being the only white kids in school and she show off her citizenship papers.

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