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Episode 12 - New Slang Wordz

A group of awkward individuals come together to discuss this new wave of cool slang words that we sound like complete dorks talking about. This was one of the first episodes ever recorded so bear with me. Some friends, Ric Rosario and Jason Von Glass join to talk about words like Amaze-balls and YOLO, and we embarrass ourselves by realizing we have already started using these words. My friend Baby Jen also chimes in, while we talk about living in Hollywood and getting scammed on the street regularly by an old lady who keeps tricking us.

Listen via YouTube

Episode 12 Direct Download



Ric Rosario Second City

Ric Rosario Tumblr

Jason Van Glass iO West Theater

Jason Van Glass Tumblr


Twitter: @JasonVanGlass

Twitter: @RicRosario

Twitter: @ConnectwithJen

Instagram: @ConnectwithJen


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