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Episode 08 - Exclusive Interview with Chip Chipperson

Chip and I talk about our history, when he bombed in Montreal and I hooked up with him out of sympathy. Chip shares some personal information about his mother and a memorable birthday party from his childhood. He talks about how chicks loved him in High School, and his successful music career with his hit band Sick Fucking Puppies. His blossoming comedy career, and his friendship with the president. Chip’s mother, Dolores, pops in but is quickly kicked out and replaced with a special appearance by Edgar Mellencamp. Uncle Paul takes over and with his sick stories. Just in time for Chip to come back and tell us about some of his most memorable injuries.

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This was the Highest Ranking Episode of Carmody Central Podcast on iTunes.

- #6 on the Comedy Charts

- #25 on Top Charts for all Podcast Categories

Update: This episode was featured on SiriusXM's Opie and Anthony Show - 04/16/2014

UPDATE: Check out more from Chip Chipperson and Jenny Carm

Chip Chipperson Show - Teaser w/ Uncle Paul, ClubSoda Kenny and Edgar

Written by Jim Norton and Jennifer Carmody

Chip Chipperson Show - Funeral Home with Amy Schumer & Gilbert Gottfried

Written by Jim Norton and Jennifer Carmody

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