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Episode 06 - Sex w/ Amy Schumer

What an appropriate topic...we start with positions and discuss Missionary Sex… and my special nickname for it. Amy loves morning sex but my breath ruins it for me. We scared Amy’s sister, Kim out of her own bedroom and talk about stupid things that people say during sex, my intimacy issues. And the amazing topics, good/bad kissers, penis size, pretty vaginas, and we revisit Amy’s amazing statement about women hating the cumshot in porn. I bring it back to humiliation, men’s sensitivity and sexual rejection.

Episode 6 Direct Download


This episode was featured on the Official Comedy Central Blog, Beside Amy Schumer, Kim writes about overhearing us record this and being total uncomfortable. Click to read full blog.

Kim also discussed how traumatic it was to hear about Amy and I talking about her sex life in this awesome LA Times Article.

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