How to Not be an

Awful Parent or Spouse

Once again, talking about shit that I know nothing about. I don't know what it takes to be a good parent or lover, but my friend Russell Bailey and I can speculate... can't we? He has an interesting theory that you mustn't put your child first, but instead keep living your own life and set an example for them. Me on the other hand, my theory is that if you are too good of a parent your child will come out fucked up, so you kind of have to be a little awful to make a good person. Seems logical to me... also the proof is in the pudding, look at only children? Now look a person who was neglected as a child. Wait, maybe its inevitable, we are all fucked up. We also talk endlessly about food because we are vegetarians, which means we are more obsessed with food than your average person.


Russell Bailey is a writer and director known for Barmy (2012).

Russell grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His father was a history teacher, and his mother was a musician. He attended school at Wells College in New York. Russell was discovered after placing in The Academy Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting.






Charlie, the creator of a newspaper comic with a dwindling readership, is injured in an accident. Now immobile, he is forced to rely on his home aide, Amy. During his recovery, Charlie re-evaluates his cartoon and falls for Amy.

Cast: Liz Osborn,  Thaine H. Allison Jr.,  Napoleon RyanSherill Turner,  Evan Schwartz,  Adam Collins,  Megan Rose,  Michael Canetty

Director: Russell Vance Bailey

Genres: Comedy drama,  Romance