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This was my 2nd attempt recording an episode with Bobby, we first recorded in his hi-tech studio and it sounded like we did it with 2 cups and a shoe lace in our treehouse. So we ended up talking about a completely unexpected topic and we get into some heavy stuff. More than I would have liked to share probably.  Bobby talks about getting arrested for the first time at 10 years old, losing his virginity on a dunlop windbreaker, being a follower, and learning to fit in.  As for me, I thought Tijuana, Mexico was in San Diego. Then, I explain how I got arrested with my lesbian mother-lover when I was 18 and making prank phone calls from jail.

Episode 4


Best of 2014

Amy Schumer talks dick size, Colin Quinn talks body image, the begining of gyms, sex clubs and AIDS, Jim Norton talks about privacy, Robert Kelly got arrested at 10 years old, Chip Chipperson is a fucking liar, Edgar Mellencamp & Uncle Paul drop in, my gay little brother talks shit on comfortable straight men, and my mom admits she liked hitting us sometimes.  If you only download one episode of Carmody Central, let this be the one.  Original Episodse below:

Listen to the full Colin Quinn Podcast

Listen to the full  Jim Norton Podcast

Listen to the full Amy Schumer Podcast

Listen to the full Gay Brother Podcast

Episode 28


Robert Kelly is an American comedian and actor. He frequently performs at the Comedy Cellar. He often appeared on The Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, and has also appeared on Last Call with Carson DalyTough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and Premium Blend. In 2003, he was voted the Breakthrough Performer of the Year on  He is known for his role on FX's Sex&Drugs& Rock&Roll with Denis Leary and is a regular on Inside Amy Schumer.  Bobby is currently on his True Story tour.  He is the host of You Know What Dude? Podcast on the Riotcast Network.



About Bobby


Robert Kelly just wants his food to be as advanced and convenient as modern technology.

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Robert Kelly is at the point in his comedy career where he can't help thinking about what's next. He's on the FX television show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, he's touring all over the country, he has a great family, and yet he keeps wondering what happens if it all goes away. Bobby and Marc commiserate over this shared experience as well as the ups and downs of being sober comedians.

During a peaceful spa visit, Amy finds that her massage therapists' creepy vibe is anything but relaxing. Amy Schumer, Robert Kelly & Jim Norton

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