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New Slang Werdz

Today we are talking about taxes and getting a restraining order against the IRS. We talk about Ric's cat allergy, avoiding opening mail and spending money. We consider making a economics podcast instead of this. We talk about Nerdiness. The conversation takes an interesting turn when we talk about transgender. I seem like an ignorant asshole because I talk about how tranny pornstar sex workers don't want to be women, they want to be sex bots. Which is fine, be anything you want, just don't pretend you want to be a woman when you just want to be a slut. This rant comes to a halt when my biological female neighbor interupts with her loud sex we hear through the wall. Proving there is no shortage of slutty biological women and I should just shut my mouth.


Ric is Back!

A group of awkward individuals come together to discuss this new wave of cool slang words that we sound like complete dorks talking about. This was one of the first episodes ever recorded so bear with me. Some friends, Ric Rosario and Jason Von Glass join to talk about words like Amaze-balls and YOLO, and we embarrass ourselves by realizing we have already started using these words. My friend Baby Jen also chimes in, while we talk about living in Hollywood and getting scammed on the street regularly by an old lady who keeps tricking us.

Episode 53
Episode 12

The lovely and talented, Ric Rosario, is back after a life changing experience and I'm so grateful to have him back. Ric suffered a near fatal car accident 7 months ago and has been on a journey to recovery. We are discussing his loss of memory leading up the to accident, followed by months of surgery, his powerful story of being in a rehabilitation center, and adjusting to his new day-to-day life.  This is honestly so inspiring to me, learning to walk again and the gratitude Ric has for life is so empowering. To me, the most beautiful thing about this whole interview is how after such a traumatic experience, how he loves his life more than ever and how quick he got himself back on stage. So much love to Ric, we are lucky to have you back!



Episode 101


Ric Rosario is a comedian and actor based in Los Angeles. Ric has been recognized for his contributions to comedy and acting by receiving the Del Close Award for, “Best Comedy Line in a Comedy Scene.” For that, he is overwhelmed and thankful. Ric performs at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater and Second City. 




About Ric


Sketch by Ric Rosario

Sam brings his new girlfriend to a dinner date with friends.


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