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I have been wanting to do an episode about Spirituality and Magick for a long time because supernatural and metaphysical topics have always been a huge intrigue throughout my life. I wanted the right person for this cast and Marcella Kroll, host of Saved by the Spell Podcast, spiritual practitioner, artist and teacher is here for one of my favorite episodes yet. We talk about doing rituals and its consequences, New Age manifestation magic and how sometimes it can only focus on the positive and not the consequences of performing rituals. We're talking about cleansing and taking on others energy, own our spiritual journeys. Also, I'm glad we talk a bit about darkness, negative entities, and selling you're soul. My favorite is part is we discuss Past Life Regression and Marcella brings up something new for me, Ancestral Regressions. Last, we talk about soul missions and how being a person who heals can be a lot of responsibility but its our human evolution.


A full color Oracle Deck of 48 original paintings. © Marcella Kroll 2013-2016


Created with the highest intentions, SACRED SYMBOLS is designed for those seeking clarity and daily guidance through divination.  This deck of cards can serve as a support for personal meditation and as a path to the Magic of Ancient Symbols.  Accompanied by a guide booklet, SACRED SYMBOLS bridges modern art and ancient knowledge together in a whole new way for those interested in exploring their own evolution, personal growth, and expansion of self on the physical, energetic, and spiritual planes.

Each deck is personally charged up and blessed in divine ceremony with the New or Full Moon by Marcella before it is sent out into the world.  If you are interested in purchasing Sacred Symbols, please note that they are currently only available at select locations in person (listed below), 
 or can be purchased direct from Marcella through her ETSY Shop. 


Saved by Spell is a Podcast/Website with DIY, Witchy Tips, Astro, Psychic Insight, Advice, Sex, Love, Relationships, and more everyday stuff for you and me. Hosted by Artist + Psychic Life Coach Marcella Kroll. Each show will have a topic, Q+A, & a Witch Tip or Interview with a special guest. To write in and ask a question or suggest a topic, email





Marcella Kroll is an Artist, Intuitive, Metaphysical Teacher, Creative Consultant, and host of the podcast Saved by the Spell.  She has been offering her gifts for the last 20 years. While being able to dedicate the last 8 years full time to her healing practice. She has also been a program director for the Los Angeles Public Library, leading public classes for teens on Tarot, and other Divination subjects.  While regularly holding healing circles, public ritual, lectures, and empowering workshops for Men & Women in the greater Los Angeles area, as well as traveling to other parts of the country and the globe to guide + teach others. 

In her private sessions, she utilizes the Tarot, Oracle Cards, Past Life Exploration, and Mediumship with your guides to make positive changes in your life for a promising future. Whether you have questions concerning love, money, & career or a deeper issue in mind Marcella is a true healer. As she goes beyond the surface and dives deep to uncover blocks or hidden patterns/issues to help you find the highest healing for your situation. Marcella has showcased her Metaphysical skills on the Joan & Melissa Rivers Show, 'Joan knows best'. As well as offering her expertise as a consultant for various media and television shows.  

In addition to her work with Tarot, Marcella studied for 4 years in Shamanic Studies with Medicine Woman Irene Skau. She has her Usui Reiki I certification, and completed Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine online studies via Coursera and The University of New Mexico. 

As an artist she has exhibited in various galleries around the US, and internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Marcella also has 3 pieces in the permanent collection of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design Museum.  As well as holding artist residencies in Providence, R.I. and Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2013 she created, painted, and self published her first deck of Oracle Cards, SACRED SYMBOLS divination and meditation cards, and author of Cutting the Cord: How to radically reset your whole psyche using baseline magic. 



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