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Breakthrough Artists

So delighted to have a long time best friend, Lucy Arnell. We’re talking about music because she’s an up and coming artist working on her album. We talk about how breaking up is the way to become a breakthrough artist, with examples of some of the biggest artists and how heartbreak broke the bank for them. We talk about the difference between female and male stalkers, stalking your favorite musicians and what is a comfortable ratio for female to male text message responses. Lucy shares some info about hippie culture, San Francisco and Pink Floyd. I cut off all her stories and then Lucy closes with a song. Hope you enjoy.

Episode 13


The End is Near

The End is near... not the apocolypse, just another year. Another reason to look back at our lives and feel like shit about it... judging ourselves by the accomplishments of the year. Well my friend, Lucy Arnell, is joining to talk about a bunch of random pointless stuff. She tells us about getting robbed, I talk about my sleeping habits.... and yea, other stuff. Check it out.

Episode 27


Lucy Arnell Music

Lucy Arnell - "Dr. Captain"

OFFICIAL music video for "Dr. Captain," the first track of singer-songwriter Lucy Arnell's debut album "The Whole Sky Turned Red With The Rainbow." 
TWSTRWTR was produced by Jason Abraham Roberts. 
Get it here:

Guitar // Jason Abraham Roberts, Lucy Arnell 
Bass // Jason Abraham Roberts 
Drums // Rob (YEEAAAH) Jensen 
Percussion // Jason Abraham Roberts & Adam Roberts 
Indian Banjo // Jason Abraham Roberts
Tanpura // Jaeger Smith
Engineer // Michael Terry
Asst. Engineer // Edward Camey 
Recorded at New Monkey Studio, Van Nuys, CA
Mixed by Jason Abraham Roberts, Lone Palm Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Lucy Arnell - Fatal Folk

Terrapin Crossroads - San Rafael, CA

LUCY ARNELL // Guitar, Vocals
JASON ABRAHAM ROBERTS // Guitar, Piano, Percussion
ADAM ROBERTS // Percussion

Recorded by MIKE TERRY and New Monkey Studio
Mixed by JASON ABRAHAM ROBERTS at Lone Palm Studio
Additional mixing by MIKE TERRY at New Monkey Studio

Lucy Arnell - Cosmic America

Cosmic America · Lucy Arnell

The Whole Sky Turned Red With the Rainbow

℗ 2015 Lucy Arnell

Released on: 2015-08-18

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Lucy Arnell was born in New York City in August, 1989. Arnell has previously referred to herself as a "reformed concert bum," referencing the early chunk of her youth. In the Summer of 2013, Arnell relocated from New York to San Francisco where she began honing her skills on the guitar, as well as her songwriting craft. It was around this time she met guitarist/multi instrumentalist Jason Abraham Roberts (Norah Jones, HYMNS), and the two began collaborating on recording sessions. In the Fall of 2013, Arnell recorded her first EP - the Roberts'- produced 'Side By Side,' a four song collection of three originals and an uptempo take on John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery."

In Spring 2014, they returned to the studio and began production of Arnell's first full length release, "The Whole Sky Turned Red With The Rainbow." The album, produced by Roberts, features ten original songs co-written and arranged by Arnell and Roberts. Jon Fishman (Phish) played drums on the ultimate track 'Fatal Folk'. The record is a heartfelt homage to the past, in every sense. Experimental but not pretentious, classic but not old. The psych-rock tinged canvas painted on Arnell's freshman release demonstrates more than just her sense of melody; the youth of her songwriting is endearing, and the feeling is palpable.




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