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Lauren Eisman is a Nutrition Trainer & Certified Detoxification Specialist, based out of LA. A founder of Clean Bodies©. 

There is a large amount of conflicting information out there these days, so why not let the educated professionals guide you the right way.

The Clean Bodies© approach allows us a way of remodeling and reshaping not only the way you eat food, but how you look at food as a whole! 

As Certified Detoxification Specialists, we will thoroughly educate you and facilitate the process of repair in your body:





Get yourself a Clean Body!

Lauren Eisman is a Nutrition Trainer & Certified Detoxification Specialist, based out of LA. Founder of Clean Bodies©. She focuses on creating personalized diets for people looking to "go clean," or plant-based. She offers FaceTime grocery store trips that guide her clients through the supermarket and teach them what they should be getting.  We are talking about all types of fun topics, health, toxins, and natural alternatives to your fav supermarket items. Also, she believes in realistic diets... her goal is to help with a successful lifestyle change as opposed to a strict diet that you can only last 7 days. She says that occasional slice of pizza might be the difference between a lifetime of healthy eating or repressing your cravings until you abandon your diet and go on a junk food rampage.  Realistic and honest is the practical way!

About Lauren
Episode 91


Knowledge is power. I am certified in Holistic Health and Metabolic detoxification, with a focus on cellular regeneration. All of which, have nothing to do with the American Dietetic Association. (Nutritionists and dietitians)

Protein, gluten, vegan junk food and assholes. 
This is my response to the following vegan videos from the past few days: Henya Mania, Jason Pizzino, DR, Nikavocado and Dombower. 

When we have become slave to our chronic conditions, a GUIDED metabolic detox program may just be the answer

The dangers of being too skinny and the 3 ways to decipher if you're healthy!

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