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Existence of God?

This is one of the older episodes of Carmody Central with comedian Jose Sarduy. We originally were going to have a funny conversation about growing up Catholic, but it turned into a heated convo about whether God exists at all. I personally struggle with those ideals, but here's the dialog of us working it out.

Jose and I are talking about the polyamorous lifestyle and we get into the details of Jose's Poly Life. TLC, please make a reality show called that starring Jose Sarduay. Anyway, this is all really interesting, he talks about going from being a player to being honest about wanting multiple relationships. Surprisingly so, it seems more responsible than your average monogamous person... from the looks of it, being undersexed leads to bad decisions and having 4 girlfriends leads to responsible decisions. He talks about women eventually moving on to get married or serious with other men. We are talking about date rape, culture, and how young boys should be taught more about their own bodies and Jose explains how important it is to control your urges.




Gathering material from a wealth of life experiences, Jose takes audiences on the rollercoaster ride that’s been his life.  Born in Cuba and deported because of his father’s political prisoner status, he came to the U.S. at a young age. Growing up with a hard working, and always quirky, Cuban family brought loads of funny moments everyday.  From his mother’s ability to kill a chicken with her bare hands, to his Dad’s ability to hit on any woman, anytime, there was never a dull moment.  What they did best was teach him to work hard for his dreams, and not forget how to laugh at life and himself.  He made them proud when, after high school, he was accepted to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado.  He became an officer in the Air Force, is an accomplished aviator, and is a veteran having served in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.  He’s been all over the world and has even been shot at in two countries.  This and more he brings to the stage believing that, “if you can’t laugh at a hard time in your life, you ain’t over it yet.”

His comedy career started out in New York and Philadelphia, getting on stage anytime he wasn’t serving.  He performs all over the world now and is an audience favorite for his ability to make deportation, and life threatening moments hysterical.

He’s been featured in the Air Force Times, was selected for the 2007 Latino Laugh Festival in Los Angeles, and the Lucky 21 Contest at The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas.  In 2008 he won the Funniest Person In South Texas Comedy Competition and was a semi-finalist in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition.  In 2009, he was a finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. In 2011 he was the winner of the Rocky Mountain Laugh Off in Salt Lake City, UT.  He’s been seen on CNN, CBS, Fox, and Lifetime’s “Coming Home” with his touring group, The GIs of Comedy, and on NUVO TV’s “Comedy Unfiltered,” with Anjela Johnson. He was the co-host of NUVO TV’s "Stand Up and Deliver" which aired three seasons, and he appeared on Fox TV's "Laughs" in 2015-16 in two season as both a performer and host. Most nights you can find him on stage somewhere, but one week a month, its all dog tags and volleyball, down in Texas, teaching the next generation of top guns the basics.



About Jose
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Stand Up for Comedy Time

Jose Sarduy confuses a lot of people with his name versus how he looks. Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.. get injected with some laughter.

.Live at The Laugh Factory in Hollwood California, Los Angeles - filmed for Laughs airing on Fox

Stand Up for Comedy Time

Jose Sarduy talks the odd location and situation to which he was conceived. Hopelessly romantic, and poetic. Watch it for Some BIG LAUGHS a few SURPRISES and a lot of HEART.

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