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We are Melting

I've been wanting to get Erin Mallory Long on the Podcast for a while, she has some great youtube videos that I love. Unfortunately, I introduce her worse than John Travolta presenting Indina Menzel at the Oscars. Look up Travolta Oscars Fail right now, you will thank me later. Anyway, we are just some gals getting to know each other. We talk about our names, growing up on the east coast, living in LA, anxiety, cats, dating apps, ahem - my recent break up (juicy haha) So make sure you check this one out.


Erin Mallory Long is a writer, performer, TV Producer, podcaster, and general Funny Person. She's been a regular contributor to Hello Giggles and Us Weekly's "Fashion Police" and has had work appear on CrackedxoJanetheKnow,The ToastThought Catalog and her own blog. She's written for E!, KATHY on Bravo, & Nickelodeon.

She co-hosts a podcast all about the TV show "FRIENDS" called Best of Friends Podcast

She wrote a book (which she calls an "e-novella") called "Text/Chat/Email" which you can buy here! And you should! You can also get it as an audio book here!

She also did the "2 Minute TV Recap" video series on Hello Giggles. And does a "How To" video series on her own YouTube channel here.

Huffington Post listed her on "18 Funny Women You Should Be Following on Twitter," so you should probably follow her on twitter. She was also featured as one of"The Funniest Women You Should be Following in 2013" on Funny or Die and "40 Twitter Accounts You Need in Your Life in 2014"



Episode 87
About Erin


Being a girl is hard! But Erin Mallory Long is here to help you through it! Don't cry!

Want to be in a Romantic Comedy like The Notebook or Maid in Manhattan?

Not sure how to be a writer? Don't worry, it might be easier than you thought! Let EML teach you the tricks, right now!

Welcome to Erin Mallory Long's YouTube channel and Erin Mallory Long's YouTube Channel's Channel Intro Video. This will introduce you to me!

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