Finales of TV Shows

Surprised that I called him a friend, Dwayne and I agree we are friends even though we only talked once before. Last Episodes of TV Shows brought me to the conclusion that I’ve never understood the last episode of any show... which is embarassing because I consider myself a writer. We talk about Dexter, Breaking Bad, Lost, the Sopranos. We also touch on shows like Game of Thrones that you can know the ending if you want to read 7000 pages first, exactly… we are just going to wait it out too. Why we love American Horror Story and some other TV talk.


Dwayne Colbert is an improviser, actor, writer and director from Los Angeles. He was a writer for Nickelodeon, and has toured with Second City. He’s appeared on Silicon Valley, The Mindy Project, and in numerous commercials. Dwayne writes, performs and directs sketch and improv at theaters throughout the Los Angeles area.

DIRECTOR of the acclaimed live show, Afros and Ass Whoopin's. 

"Afros and Ass Whoopins, Second City L.A.’s stage show exploring the current epidemic of police violence against the black community, is punctuated by scenarios of cops shoving their Glocks in the faces of both black characters and members of the audience.What may be more shocking is that this is a musical comedy." -- LA WEEKLY






The talented Dwayne Colbert is back! Today we are talking about the past, the future, and the present. We were so simple as children, nowadays children's lives are complicated with social media and all those cool hi-tech toys. We reminise about old tv sets, adjusting the antena and using foil to get a better signal. We speculate about the future, if people will need the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, will our imaginations deteriorate? Also we talk about the here and now of working in a creative career. Failure, being awful at something, and willing to be uncomfortable are all needed in order to progress to the next step.