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Juicer Dance Off

What an awesome guest Delanie Fischer is! This is our first time meeting each other and I think she's my new best friend. She let me talk about all my favorite things, big penises, humiliating stories and realizing I'm the worst dancer ever. Delanie is absolutely hilarious, discussing hook-ups, her secret dancing talents, and the only way to find true love is leave LA... but that sounds boring so fuck love, just find someone you can deal with. Check out her webseries Two Inches Apart and make sure you follow her, because one day you will see her dancing on a McDonald's commercial and be like damn I should have been her friend while I had the chance.

We are talking about everything today with one of my favorite guests of all time, the hilarious Delanie Fischer. Weddings, Relationships, and sex... until shit gets Kinky. We are talking about our weird sexual experiences, which is quite insightful and slightly creepy. Enjoy, and don't judge you prude!


Shit Gets Kinky


From majoring in Religious Studies in college to pursuing a comedy career, Delanie Fischer has been disappointing her parents since 2008. Her mother is convinced that she will never give her grandchildren, and is currently seeking them elsewhere. Delanie has been described as “dry, intelligent, and just the right amount of dirty” by her 87 year-old Irish grandfather.

Fischer’s first time on stage was in college at The University of California, Santa Barbara. One cold Monday night in February, with the forceful encouragement of a couple of close friends and two shots of tequila later, Delanie read jokes off of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper at her first open mic. Three weeks later, she found herself performing in front of 250 of her peers at Laughology, a student-run comedy show. Once she walked off stage, she knew that she would be saying “peace out” to graduate school and “hello there” to telling jokes in front of strangers (again, sorry mom).


Fischer resides in Los Angeles and performs stand up, improv, and sketch all over the country and internationally at clubs, colleges, festivals, military events, and theaters. She has been featured on Netflix, Hulu, FOX, Fuse TV, VH1, WEtv, Syfy, and Lifetime. Fischer has performed in The Cabo Comedy Festival, The Idaho Laugh Fest, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, The San Diego Comedy Festival, and The Women in Comedy Festival Boston. Delanie is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program, The Upright Citizens Brigade Improv Program, and is currently a member of the LA based improv troupe, Cloud City Transit. Her sketch, “Dick Food,” that she co-created with Maegan Houang was accepted into Couchfest Films, HA Fest, Hell Yes Fest, Houston Comedy Film Festival, and The Laugh Or Die Comedy Fest. Delanie’s web series, “Two Inches Apart,” that she co-created with comedian Adrienne Airhart, was accepted into Cake Batter’s Comedy Festival and LA Web Fest (nominated for best ensemble cast in a comedy). Most importantly, catch Delanie on Monday mornings, killin’ it in front of her bathroom mirror.



About Delanie
Episode 69
Episode 59







So many girls, so little time. For my 100th episode I decided that the best way to celebrate was torecord a live episode... but that didn't work out! So my next best thing was to compile all my favorite moments with funny females. Enjoy this look back and some of my best lady-parts. PARTS OF PODCASTS, you perv!

Lolika - Weird Fruit

Michelle Ortiz - Random Bathroom door + LA Subway

Delanie Fischer - Juicing and Dancing

Sara Weinshenk  - You don’t look old, its just bad lighting

Ashley Currie - Stop Dirtying the Sand, Poor People

Melissa Stetten - Contouring vs Real Life

Kelsey Cook - Youtube comments 

Camilla Cleese - Pretty Funny

Amy Schumer - Sexual Positions

Scout Durwood - Staying Focused on your Craft

Episode 100


Stand Up Comedy at The Laugh Factory

Delaine Fischer has to get creative with a birthday card to her uncle. 

This comedic sketch web series was created, written by and stars stand up comedians and improvisors Adrienne Airhart and Delanie Fischer, shot by Ryan Heckel, sound by Aristotle Georgeson, edited by Adrienne Airhart. Special guest Karen Harris!

Music is "Carol of the Bells" by Live Action Fezz. 

Adrienne Airhart and Delanie Fischer

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...This comedic sketch web series was created, written by and stars stand up comedians and improvisors Adrienne Airhart and Delanie Fischer, shot by Ryan Heckel, edited by Carla Thilmont. 

Music is "Pussy Gang" by Grâce et Volupté Van Van. 

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