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Back in Jersey City and I am so lucky to have these guys on my podcast. I have the entire crew from Dark Match Wrestling Podcast, Billy, Mike, and Nick. These guys are hilarious and we are taking a little trip down memory lane. Billy and I were best friends in High School and we share some great stories from our rebellious years. Now we are have been reunited through podcasting. Also, we talk about Mike and how he literally walks everywhere... in SHORTS! I had two pairs of pants on. Meanwhile, Nick is the Ultimate Fan of wrestling and an overall hilarious guy. I love their podcast, please make sure to check it out and subscribe to these guys on itunes.




From Dark Match Wrestling Podcast: It is time to get the female perspective! Billy invites his old high school friend/host of Carmody Central Podcast, Jennifer Carmody, who is in town from Los Angeles to help with the subject. Will having this podcasting pro prevent the guys from there constant procrastination? Doubtful, as there is much to discuss in the world of pro wrestling.

00:00:00-00:03:00 – Who Is Jennifer Carmody? & Who Is Tara Thomas?
00:03:00-00:04:40 – High School Musical. Minus The Music & The School
00:04:40-00:08:19 – Halloween Jack & Jill
00:08:19-00:11:04 – One Night Getting Emotionally Slapped By Chyna
00:11:04-00:12:00 – Grand Theft WrestleMania 20
00:12:00-00:13:03 – Nick’s Olympic Hero
00:13:00-00:15:00 – Everybody’s Getting Sued
00:15:00-00:16:10 – Puro Wear
00:16:10-00:18:15 – Take Two And Call Me In The Morning
00:18:15-00:20:23 – Bushwhackers In The Hall Of Fame
00:20:23-00:21:53 – #LeaveMeAlone
00:21:53-00:22:58 – DDP Yoga
00:22:58-00:24:12 – Youtube & Pizza
00:24:12-00:24:58 – Teach Us The Ways Of The Podcast Force
00:24:58-00:26:07 – Amy Schumer Dates A Fighter
00:26:07-00:27:03 – Mike Bocchetti & Jennifer Carmody On SiriusXM
00:27:03-00:28:24 – Charge For A Podcast Like Vince Russo?
00:28:24-00:29:40 – Strong Style Brand
00:29:40-00:31:05 – California Love
00:31:05-00:31:45 – Sexual Chocolate
00:31:45-00:34:24 – Stop Sueing & Start Fighting
00:34:24-00:36:37 – The Freaks A.K.A Goth Thugs
00:36:37-00:38:24 – Billy Goes All Lorena Bobbit
00:38:24-00:39:46 – Underage Drinking & Mike Lewis Walks Way Too Fast
00:39:46-00:41:36 – How Do We Reach The Female Listeners?
00:41:36-00:43:44 – Mr. K. Was The Best Teacher Of All Time
00:43:44-00:44:38 – Sports Math & Training Day
00:44:38-00:45:21 – Which One Was The Hotter Hardy?
00:45:21-00:46:15 – The Epic Love Triangle Of Edge, Lita & Matt Hardy
00:46:15-00:48:20 – Total Divas, Trish Stratus & Yoga
00:48:20-00:48:53 – Zumba
00:48:53-00:50:00 – Dancing The Night Away
00:50:00-00:51:53 – Billy’s Godson Has A Very Special Set Of Skills
00:51:53-00:52:37 – Cotton Candy Pink Hair & Unisex Boots
00:52:37-00:53:10 – Jack & Jill For Real
00:53:10-00:53:41 – Free Wrestling PPVs & Pornography
00:53:41-00:54:10 – Al Snow Yells At Billy For Watching ECW
00:54:10-00:56:00 – Grado & Insane Championship Wrestling
00:56:00-00:56:54 – The Hardway Podcast
00:56:54-01:08:28 – WrestleMania 6 Trivia
01:08:28-01:11:00 – WrestleMania 7 Tie Breaker


Join Dark Match Wrestlings hosts, Mike Lewis, @PeoplesPodcasta Nick R. & their producer @BillyDarkMatch Billy V. and listen to the procrastination of creating the greatest wrestling podcast of all-time. Every week they meet to discuss ideas for the perfect podcast yet somehow are sidetracked time and time again by all there is in the world of pro wrestling. They are talking about it all, past, present & future from WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW, Lucha Underground, NXT, local indy companies like ACE & PWS and so much more…

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Using an excerpt from Episode 018 of Dark Match Wrestling Podcast, featuring ACE Heavyweight Champion, Vince Steele, Giant Penny Productions brings to you a video rendering of all the wrestling related insanity that occurs while procrastinating to make a real podcast. See what happens as the guys attempt to make a game show! Subscribe to Dark Match Wrestling Podcast on iTunes & Stitcher.

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