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Damien Bodie is a great Austrialian actor joining me today and we are talking about Adulthood.  Those small moments that make you realize you're not a child anymore. Like having a fresh roll of toilet paper BEFORE it runs out and you dont have to substitute with another type of less soft paper.  Or shopping for food and not buying all candy and chips, but getting real food too.  Being an adult isn't easy but it's funny when you realize it has begun.  

ABOUT Damien

Damien Bodie is an Australian actor. Best known for his role as "Dylan Timmins" in Neighbours.

Bodie was educated at Sandringham Secondary College and is best known for his role as Dylan Timmins on the Australian television series Neighbours (from 2005 to 2007). Bodie played the role of Oscar in the television series Short Cuts which won three awards in 2002. He also appeared in the 2005 Australian film Hating Alison Ashley and as Josh in the 2002 Canadian/Australian television series Guinevere Jones.

Bodie also appeared in several television productions including The Saddle ClubOcean Girl, and Crash Zone. Before being cast in his most major role in Neighboursas Dylan Timmins, he had appeared on the show twice before, first as the character Charlie Moyes in 1996, and three years later as Liam Rigby.

Recently, he played Vashan, in the Australian Kids TV Show The Elephant Princess, shown on Nickelodeon. Bodie starred as a regular character Jonathan Kurtiss in the Australian drama series Winners & Losers.

Damien is currently living in L.A.



About Damien
Episode 38


Australian Telethon 2013

Damien Bodie puts his childhood talent to use naming the nations of the world at Telethon 2013. Animanics - Nations of the World

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