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Live Election Coverage 2016

It's going down in America and we recorded the shit show live. Mark Harley and Luana Harley join me in this moment in history. Mark is an independent voter and Luana is from Germany and not able to vote in the Election, but a Hillary supporter. I didn't vote, which probably pisses you off. But Chill we all live in California and Clinton won 55 electoral votes here. Listen as we go from joyful, to anxious, to disbelief, I stay in denial, Luana is pretty devastated, but we all need a moment for this to settle in.


Mark Harley is a Los Angeles based Writer, Actor, and Comedian. Originally from Northern California and attended Pomona College.  He is known for a Red Carpet stunt  where he had a brown paper bag over his head.



About Mark
Episode 89


When the end times come, do not expect zombies, friends. Oh, no. Not zombies.

Produced by Cole Taylor
Directed by Matthew Tibbenham
Written by Joe Kausch

Mr. Williams - Mark Harley
Jim - Joel Dauten
Karen - Terri Freedman

Shot by Adam Sherer
Production Crew Omar McAllister & Taylor Nelson

Edited by Paul Alderman
Music by John Parker
Audio Wizardry by Dana Olsefsky
Visual Effects by Adam Perez

When you're a vampire, finding a fast meal shouldn't be this hard.

Producer Caryn Hayes
Director Laura Somers
Writer Meghan Brown

Enthusiastic Victim Mark Harley

Director of Photography Eduardo Quintino
Gaffer Felipe Arroyo
Boom Operator Mike James
Production Assistant Ji Baek
Make-up Claudia Perea

Editor Bruce Novatny
Composer John Pawlak

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