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Changes in the World

First episode of Carmody Central and so excited to have Colin Quinn as my first guest. We talk about new diseases, Colin brings up sex addiction vs. over indulgence and we discuss whether people see real diseases and pretend in order to justify their own behavior? We also discuss boiling a pineapple, jumping in the subway tracks, and how male actors are infuriatingly sexy nowadays. Some other topics we touch on, tabloids, paparazzi, sex clubs, catholic school, and choosing the sex of your baby. New religions involving alien experiences and I try to convince Colin why there’s an Alien headquarters in North Bergen, NJ.


Colin Quinn is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and writer. On television, he is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, where he anchored Weekend Update, on MTV's 1980's game show Remote Control, where he served as the announcer/sidekick, and as host of Comedy Central's late-night panel show Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. Notable film work includes his role as Dickey Bailey in the Grown Ups films and playing Amy Schumer's father in the film Trainwreck.


Quinn has also become known for his comedic one-man shows that offer his unique takes on history and growing up in New York City. As of 2015, he has written and starred in five shows: Irish Wake, My Two Cents, Long Story Short, Unconstitutional, and The New York Story, two of which he collaborated on with Jerry Seinfeld as director. Long Story Shortwas filmed as an HBO special that aired on April 9, 2011 and Unconstitutional and The New York Story were released as Netflix specials.





Colin Quinn -

Cop Show

S1E6: The Rat feat. Jim Norton | Cop Show with Colin Quinn |

L/Studio created by Lexus

Comedian Jim Norton guest stars as a thief turned key witness. Will Colin and his team trap this rat in their interrogation room, or will another criminal walk the NYC streets as a free man?

S1E2: Hipster Drug Gang feat. Amy Schumer | Cop Show with Colin Quinn |

L/Studio created by Lexus

Guest star Amy Schumer is the ringleader of an all-girl hipster drug gang, and there’s only one man who can bring them down – Colin Quinn.s it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

S3E3: Sister Ping feat. Bobby Kelly | Cop Show with Colin Quinn |

L/Studio created by Lexus

Colin and his squad interrogate a Burmese nun turned drug trafficker. 

Robert Kelly

Keith Robinson

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