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Choni is keeping it real, we are talking about all types of serious topics combined with some not so serious ones. We talk about Rachael Dolezal and have an honest conversation about race. Also, Houston, TX... Choni's hometown which he gives a solid endorsement for and expects a check from. Also we are talking about Tumblr porn, which is the future of ADD jerk off material. We get serious again, talk about rape... then we get silly and share tequila stories. Don't miss this one!

The hilarious Choni Francis is back and we are talking about the important things. Donald Trump, Cali Kush, and instagram stalking. Also, we talk about men lying to their girls and how they have no reason at all to do so. We talk about race and Choni shares how he found out he was black. I share how my 5th grade class found out I was white and got mad at me for it. The race topic continues as we talk about police brutality, the civil rights movement being peaceful and how police are more easily fired for silly shit than real wrong doings.


The Ppl vs. The PoPo

Episode 51
Episode 71


"We Ready"

Choni Francis is back and he's been working with Blavity and Buzzfeed creating new content, and all those creative vibes have reached all the way to Carmody Central and created Carmody House. Coming to a youtube near you soon.  We are talking about everything, men, women, faithfulness, cheating, dating, dick size... um, those videos of guys getting kicked in the balls. Not something i would know about... anyway shit gets real as always with Choni and we have a hilarious chat. He's ready, I'm ready... We ready... for this podcast.

Episode 95


Choni Francis is an actor, writer, and improviser based out of Los Angeles. Originally from Houston, Texas he relocated to pursue a career in comedy. He regularly performs at iO West Theater, UCB, and Second City on several sketch teams. He has been featured in many Buzzfeed Videos and Fusion TV. Choni is apart of the cast of the critically acclaimed live musical about police brutality, "Afros and Ass Whoopins'" Directed by Dwayne Colbert. He is a member of "Blade Brown" and "5 Min Sketch Show."



About Choni
Carmody Video Podcast



How to deal with a Jealous Girlfriend

Written by Jennifer Carmody

Starring: Vlad Perez, Choni Francis, Carla Valderrama

Fusion TV

Black people share their thoughts on why they’re voting for Donald Trump.

Featuring Choni Francis, Travina Springer, Stevens Gaston, Alicia Knotts, Brian Vickers, and James Bland.


“What’s a ‘POP Holdin’ It Down’ and is it contagious?”

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