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Caitlin O'Connor is probably the sweetest person to ever be on this podcast. Not only is she stunning, funny, and down to earth but she is killing it! She's been featured in Maxim and is one of the ArsenicTV girls. She talks about moving from LA to Pennsylvania, going to school in a small town and dealing with bullying. Also, she talks about her first job as a Disney Princess at Disneyland. We bond over our love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is also on top of her celebrity gossip and has updates on some of our favorite 90s stars. Finally, we talk about anonymous comments on the internet and how annoying trolls are. 


Caitlin O’Connor was a cast member on the series finale of Two and a Half Men on CBS. She has also done a three-episode stint on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 as well as Key & Peele. In 2015 she starred in a national commercial for Dave & Busters Partnered with Bellator and also starred in the network commercial for GSN's "Baggage on the Road." She is best known for her appearances as Arsenic Magazine's host for their ArsenicTV snapchat channel, Maxim Magazine as their "Helpful Hottie" advice girl, and as one of the "Ten Hottest Girls in America" in the July/August 2013 issue. In 2014 O’Connor co-starred in national commercials for Budweiser Black Crown and PepsiNext. Her print campaign credits include Target, Macy's, Sons of Anarchy, Esquire, FHM, GQ, Nickelodeon's The Bratz, Xbox, and Pert Plus. She has been Sports Illustrated's 'Lady of the Day' seven times since 2011. She has logged airtime as a recurring character on the MTV series Chelsea Settles. As a host, O’Connor has regular assignments on ArsenicTV, TorioTV, FOX News, The Chive, The Doctors on CBS, and Maria Menounos' AfterBuzz TV. She was a presenter at the 2015 and 2016 World MMA Awards. O’Connor played lead female "Mirabelle" in the Machinima-produced web series "Tumbleweed."Caitlin is rated #8 in MODE Lifestyle Magazine's World’s 100 Most Beautiful Women – 2016.



Episode 96
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Get to know the very lovely and awesome Caitlin O'Connor in this Who's That Girl Interview!

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Are you SHY when it comes to talking to GIRLS? Do you want to be able to get over your shyness and be able to talk to the girl you WANT and get her to like YOU? 

In this video, "Maxim Hottie" Caitlin O'Connor, is going to share some of her best dating tips for shy guys.

You're going to learn how:

Women are shy too! Even if a girl likes you, she might too shy to talk to you. Don't assume that she isn't just as nervous as you are, when it comes to talking to someone she likes. [0:35]

Women WANT you to talk to them. Quality women are waiting for a quality guy to say hi to her. So don't be afraid to talk to a girl. If you let the fear of being rejected keep you from talking to a woman, there won't be ANY possibility of something happening between the both of you. [1:45]

Try meeting more women at the places that you like going to. If you want a sporty girl, meet her at an event or at the gym. Check out places that YOU like, to meet the type of women that you want. [2:37]

When you understand that WOMEN ARE SHY TOO, and realize that they WANT you to talk to them, you'll put yourself on the line more often and your dating life will totally CHANGE for the better. 

To your success, 


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Arsenic is the biggest brand on Snapchat because well, people like looking at attractive women. They sent over Audrey Bradford and Caitlin O'Connor, two of their models to talk to us. Robesman and I struggled to keep up but I think we all learned something. Enjoy

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