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Brian Lynch teaches me to drive a clutch... still kind of unsure what that means.  Why can't Brian just drive me everywhere? Enjoy my attempt at trying to do something normal. 


Myth busting this bullshit. Guys claim to need variety but what do they really need? Brian Lynch doesn't care enough to defend men, so it becomes a onesided battle. 

Brian Lynch attempts to teach me to ride a BMX bike standing up going down a hill.... I insist on learning to ride a bike the regular sitting down way first.  I was all crouched up on a tiny ass bike... but it was fun. 

It is unacceptable how Amanda Bynes is being treated like a criminal when all she is doing is TWEETING.  Everyone is a little crazy, why does she get taken away for it? Is she a mind control slave? Is Sam Lufti her handler?  Is this all bullshit... then randomly we start talking about anal sex and porn cause we are intelligent well spoken individuals and have no attention span.  Is our shitty attention spans a result of the New World Order?? You decide.

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Career Choices

It's not easy trying to make it in America, there’s literally a whole series about it… here’s a half hour of talking about the struggles of people trying to make it in an artistic career but needing a day job in order to not die. My friend, photographer- Brian Lynch is my guest and we talk about how we met, plus those horrible realizations when your boss has no values and you are wasting your time working for him instead of working towards your passion... yea... shiz gets personal… Get inspired or something.

My dear friend, Brian Lynch, joins to discuss motivation. But instead we have a highly unmotivated conversation about a little bit of everything, from my stinky refridgerator, to girls smashing valuables when they get drunk, to how I can only swim with one hand because my throat is too big. Enjoy this randomness... I'm in a terrible mood and Brian tries to make me feel more motivated while I shit on everything.


This is't our Job!



It's been a year, Mr. Lynch!

One year later, my near and dear friend Brian Lynch is back. Our Similarities as friends, the way we are like dogs and don't want to show any signs of weakness. The type to go die alone in secrecy. We come to some light theory that people who had siblings that basically tortured them are afraid to show venerability. Talking about some heavy shit, like Syrian refugees, lighter topics like Mr. Bernie Sanders... and we finish off reading some hate comments from my youtube channel.

Episode 14
Episode 25
Episode 70


Brian Lynch is an artist based out of the Boyle Heights area of Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Originally from San Diego and of Irish and Mexican decent his unique style uses all mediums to portray urban cultural beauty mixed with a sexy raw side of his female subjects. Brian is a photographer primarily, but also paints, is a musician, and videographer. He still does much of his work on film and develops it in his home studio. He is also a cook, known for creating his own Mexican/Asian fusion dishes.


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