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Midwest to Japan to LA

Brett Maline is super talented and funny. And this guy has some interesting facts to know about him, he’s from Nebraska and worked on an actual farm. He literally herded calves, brand them and HE HAS BEEN A MID-WIFE TO A COW! I’m not even joking. We talked about the difference between weed in LA compared to every where else in the world. Brett has a really good track record with success and was in a band which toured the world and he spent quite a bit of time in Japan doing comedy.

Episode 76


Brett Maline, also known as the Great White Baboon, is no stranger to comedy. Since the dawn of time, he has been entertaining audiences around the globe with his uncanny wit, comedic prowess, and vast knowledge of the movie Jaws. A lover of all things deep fried, Brett won the Deep Fried Butter Decathlon for the Minden Games in Minden, Nebraska for 28 years in a row ( 1986-2014 ). A former, lesser-known member of The Beatles, Brett decided early into his twenties to found a foundation for found things, brilliantly named The Found, Not Free, Foundation of Found Things. Fueled by the success of this ridiculously successful venture, Maline became the first man to take a dump on the dark side of the moon.



About Brett


 3 minute comedy scene written by The Farrelly Brothers for the last stage of the Project Greenlight competition. We were allowed to give the scene context as long as we didn't add or take away more than two lines. This was our interpretation.

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