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BK Phillips is a great fashion designer based out of LA, but first he shares a story about beating up a guy on Fox News and going viral. Next we talk about Game Shows and how BK was actually a contestant on Dog Eat Dog. Fashion, art, and the apocolypse are all on topic for this episode.

BK is back and we are chatting about, Go Commandos, an underwear replacement for women. Seriously, he invented this genuis product! So we are talking about celebrity crotch shots, why underwear suck, and how this whole idea came about. Also we are talking about losing your temper, being provoked, and how working with customers makes you hate comminicating all together. Why I prefer small talk to hearing about your problems, and my favorite topic ever... Caitlyn Jenner.


Going Commando

Episode 52
Episode 36


BK Phillips pairs Fashion with Function… designs that allow for movement, comfort, and the incorporation of useful details, while connecting a feel of the past with his utilitarian blast of the future. A self-taught designer and natural creative in many mediums, BK moved easily into fashion design after years of making his own clothing. 

Standing at 6’6”, he simply could not find clothing that excited him and began wearing his own creations out into the world. Born in Stuttgart, Germany into a military family and later moving to Maryland and San Diego, he worked for 15 years in film and TV set costuming and wardrobe, all the while continuing his custom designs for himself and his growing group of clients. 

After moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago, he has continued his styling, costuming and wardrobe work in short films, music videos, commercials, and TV. 

In 2009, BK began creating his Vintage Military Gear (VMG) line of one-of-a-kind men’s and women’s jackets and accessories, epitomizing his love for Deconstruction into Functional Fashion, using vintage military gear with soul. Building on the success of BK’s VMG collection, he is launching BK PHILLIPS DESIGNS F/W 2014 line to include supple leathers, waxed denim, and fine wools for women and men.



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